We will continue our study into the pattern of worship of the early Christians. In our last lesson, we have studied the teachings on the Lord’s Supper and giving as taught in the Bible. God’s word also teaches us to sing.
    Ephesians 5:19 teaches us to be, “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.” Hebrews 13:15 reads, “By Him therefore, let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.” In Colossians 3:16, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual
    songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” We are taught in 1 Corinthians 14:15 to sing with the spirit and to understand what we are singing.
    No where in the New Testament do we find the early Christians using mechanical instruments (piano, organ, guitar, etc.) to worship God. In each case, only singing is mentioned. In 2 John 9, “Whosoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son.” We are taught not to add to God’s word or to take away from it (Revelation 22:18-19). So we should sing only and not add to God’s word by using mechanical instruments. We see that the early church wore the name Church of Christ (Romans 16:16). The early disciples were called Christians (Acts 11:26).
    The church met on the first day of the week {Sunday} (Acts 20:7). When they came together they ;
    (1) broke bread {to remember Christ’s death by eating the unleaven bread and drinking fruit of the vine} (1 Corinthians 11:23-29),
    (2) taught God’s word (Acts 20:7),
    (3) prayed (Acts 2:42),
    (4) gave of their money to God (1 Corinthians 16:1-2),
    (5) sang praises to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19) and
    (6) had fellowship with each other (Acts 2:42).
    If we today will take the Bible alone (not use creed books {books written by men}, confessions of faith book, book of Mormons, prayer books etc.) and use only the Bible as our guide, we will be in the church that we read about in the Bible.
    Jesus prayed just before He was betrayed that we might all be one. He did not want many religions. He established only one church and prayed that everyone would be one in it (John 17:21-23).
    In our next lesson, we will discuss briefly the organization of Christ’s church. We will also be discussing some scriptures that will teach us on how to live a good Christian life after becoming a member of His church.

    Section 1 - Fill in the blanks

    Question 1
    Ephesians 5:19 teach us to sing and make melody in our ______ to the Lord.

    Question 2
    Hebrews 13:15 teaches that we are to offer the _______ of ______ to God, that is the _____ of our __________, giving thanks to His name.

    Question 3
    Revelations 22:18-19 teaches that we are not to _______ to God’s Word or to______ away from it.

    Question 4
    The early church wore the name _______ of ________ (Romans 16:16).

    Question 5
    Jesus established only ______ church and He prayed that everyone would be______ in it (John 17:21-23).

    Section 2 - True or False

    Question 6
    1 Corinthians 14:15 teach us to sing with the spirit but we don’t have to understand what we are singing.

    Question 7
    The New Testament teaches us to use mechanical music in worship.

    Question 8
    If we use only the Bible, we would have a church set up by a man.

    Question 9
    Whosoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have both the Father and the Son, 2 John 9.

    Question 10
    To worship in truth means we can worship any way we like.

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