Good bye

By Charles Bishop

I probably shouldn’t be so personal, but I’ve been assaulted by an unwelcome marauder. Death sometimes comes unexpectedly—suddenly, and you are left trying to catch your breath. It’s like an overwhelming panic attack, but no relief is found. It’s painful. It hurts, deep within. It’s like standing on a precipice—thinking you are about to fall to your death. It’s so hard to breathe.

Will I ever catch my breath?

I want to be left alone, but I seek someone for comfort. “Please, talk to me, but I think, “Don’t say what you’re saying; I don’t want to hear it.” (Why do I feel such ambivalence? Is there no relief?) Tears flow in secret, and then my mouth is like the dry desert.

My best friend, my soul-mate left without my saying “good-bye!” How could she do that?

I know; it wasn’t her choice. I can’t be angry with her. Death is the enemy. Why did it have to take her? Why was I left alone?

When I helped you to bed, were you trying to tell me you were leaving? Is that why you handed me all the jewelry you were wearing? Was your departure known to you, but you just didn’t understand it all? Why did you have to go?

Where is the release from this anguish?

I turn to Scripture. Is there something there about my beloved—something that will get me through this? Ah, there it is! Jesus wept, too! And here—another word: “Because I live, you also shall live.”

I wonder; did our heavenly Father hurt like this when His Son was brutally murdered?



The Passing of Sis Cloyce Bishop,
Wife of Bro Charles Bishop
(Missionaries to Klang 1972-75)

Dear brethren,

We are much saddened to hear of the passing of our dear Sis Cloyce Bishop this week in the USA. Sis Cloyce was a wonderful Christian lady who possessed a beautiful alto voice. She shared her husband’s strong commitment to world evangelism and was his steady companion in their missionary efforts throughout the world including Malaysia and the Czech Republic. She was a source of great encouragement to us in Klang. We shall certainly miss her. Our prayers are with Bro Charles, Carl, Kellie and all the grandchildren. Appended below are messages from bro Charles Bishop.

Note on the Passing of Sis Cloyce Bishop


Dear ones

It is with deep sorrow and grief that I inform you that my dear wife Cloyce passed away this morning sometime before 7:00 am. She was able to attend bible class and worship the day before. She thoroughly enjoyed being in worship and seeing her spiritual family.

Cloyce was born on a farm near Plainview, TX September 12, 1939. She finished high school in Belle Plaine, Kansas. Thirty years later she was graduated   from Wichita State University in 1987 with honors with a B.A. degree in physical education.

She will be missed by us all. To those who knew and loved her please celebrate that she loved her Lord Jesus and believed He died for our sins, was buried, but lives again.

Lovingly, Charles Bishop


Dear ones

The flowers are beautiful. Cloyce would have been so pleased at your kind and sensitive gesture. Thank you so much. We are all touched by your thoughtfulness.

I’m grappling with grief. It’s not like with my parents’ death. It’s more like Chalayne’s passing. I’ve written some thoughts during this time. I’ll attach it to this note.

We’ve had so many kind expressions from Malaysian Christians. We are indeed touched by our loved ones there. Please tell the congregation “THANK-YOU” for all the notes of sympathy.

Love,  Charles