I am now facing the biggest health problem in my life.

 Dear brethren,

 I am now facing the biggest health problem in my life.  The doctor said that I have lung cancer stage 3.  I am now under chemo treatment.  Due to my low immune system, I have to avoid crowded places including the church, which is why I am unable to be with all of you here.

Strangely enough, it is during this difficult time that I feel I am closest to God.

 In the 3 years I have joined this church, all the Bible classes I have attended have prepared me well for this moment.  God through His word tells me to be strong and to trust in Him, and He has replaced my fearful and trouble heart with His love and peace.  In all things God is in control, and I accept all things, good or bad, that happens in my life because I know He has His reasons.  I cast all my cares on Him and my heart is calm.

2 Timothy 3:16—All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

 3:17—That the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every work.

 Brethren, do attend all Bible classes when possible.  Let God’s word prepare you well for any tribulation in your life.

 I would like to personally thank brother Yeow for his encouragement through his writings in Daybreak.

 Your prayers for me and my family are much treasured.

 May God bless everyone of your with good health.

 With love in Christ,


Editorial note :

Sis Lin Su Kiaw has been a faithful bible student and hardworking member of the Subang Jaya congregation. She was recently diagnosed as having Stage 3 lung cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. She wrote a note to the brethren at Subang Jaya when she could not attend the regular services due to her present medical condition. I was much encouraged by what she had written and I called her and asked her permission to reproduce the note in our bulletin so that we may all be encouraged by her great faith and trust in God. Please keep her and her husband, bro Liaw Kim and their two daughters, Nikki and Lily. Sis Lin told me that she is very calm and her faith is steadfast in the Lord. She appreciates all the prayers and words of encouragement from brethren all over