Friday Bible Class for  July 2019

DateFit for the Master’s UseTeacher / Facilitator
07Men’s Class: Praising God
Ladies Class: Quiz On Book of Colossians
Steven Chan
14Pursue LoveRichard Lim
21Pursue PeaceSteven Chan
28Be A Servant of The LordSteven Chan

Sunday Bible Class for July 2019

DateBook of JamesTeacher / Facilitator
02Heavenly Wisdom Vs Earthly Wisdom (Jas 3:13-18)Tee Chee Khiang
09How To End Wars (Jas 4:1-12)Ronnie Lee
16Making Our Plans (Jas 4:13-17)
Richard Lim
23When God Gets Angry at The Rich (Jas 5:1-6)Rick Kirk
30When You' re Being Oppressed (Jas 5:7-12)Bryan Ho

Sunday Bible Youth Class for July 2019

Date Speaker
02Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
09Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
16Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
23Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
30Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei

Sunday Sermons for July 2019

Date Speaker
02Special Message of EncouragementSteven Chan
09Special Message of EncouragementLee Chee Thim
16Special Message of EncouragementRick Kirk
23Special Message of EncouragementLim Chong Teck
30Special Message of EncouragementRichard Lim

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