Friday Bible Class for September 2019

Date Teacher / Facilitator
06Singing WorkshopKhoo Tze Wei
13Chapter 4Leow Yew Chong
20Chapter 5Rick Kirk
27Chapter 6Ng Yeow Kong

Sunday Bible Class for September 2019

Date Teacher / Facilitator
01Judgement of The FloodLeow Yew Chong
08The FloodAlphaeus Lopez
15Results of The FloodRonnie Lee
22After The Flood: The Sin of The Godly LineDaryl Kirk
29Family Lines After The FloodTee Chee Khiang

Sunday Bible Youth Class for September 2019

Date Speaker
04Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
11Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
18Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
25Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei

Sunday Sermons for September 2019

Date Speaker
01The One Baptism - Eph 4:5Steven Chan
08The One Faith - Eph 4:4Richard Lim
15The One Hope - Eph 4:4Lim Chong Teck
22The One Body - Eph 4:4Rick Kirk
29"Keep the unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace" - Eph 4:3Koay Chuan Lek

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