Friday Bible Class for May 2019

DateFit for the Master’s UseTeacher / Facilitator
Men’s Class: What’s the Culture of the Church?
Ladies Class: Faith is the Victory:
Coping with Grief
Steven Chan
Quay Yam Kem
10Fit for the Master’s UseSteven Chan
17Flee Youthful Lusts (2 Tim 2:22a)Richard Lim
24Pursue Righteousness (2 Tim 2:22b)Steven Chan
31Pursue Faith (2 Tim 2:22b)Richard Lim

Sunday Bible Class for May 2019

DateBook of JamesTeacher / Facilitator
05Three Kinds Of Faith (2:14-26)Leow Yew Chong
12The Message of John the Baptist (Mt. 3:1-12)Mark Lim
19Let Not Many Of You Become Teachers (3:1-12)
Richard Lim
26"The Genealogy of Christ"Rajendran

Sunday Bible Youth Class for May 2019

Date Speaker
05Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
12Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
19Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei
26Effective Bible StudyKhoo Tze Wei

Sunday Sermons for May 2019

Date Speaker
05Being a Christian
Steven Chan
12Whose side are you on? (Ex 32:19-26)Mark Lim
19Special Message of EncouragementKoay Chuan Lek
26"I have made covenant with my eyes" (Job 31:1)Rajendran

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