Please continue to pray for:

  1. Sis Khoo Saw Choo who had a fall and is now recuperating in the nursing home run by sis Saroja.
  2. Sis Siu Hwa who is recuperating from her surgery.
  3. Sis Daphne, wife of bro Joseph Choy, who is recovering from her stroke.
  4. The mother of bro Ong Eng Boon & bro Eng Seong who had a minor stroke and is now recuperating.
  5. Bro Tan Chin Han who is undergoing dialysis.
  6. Bro Naidu who is suffering from Parkinson’s.
  7. Bro Dr Cheong’s son in law, Bill Ho who is recovering from his heart bypass operation in Sydney past 2 weeks.
  8. Sis Jany Eng (formerly Klang member but now is in the USA), who will be undergoing surgery for her spinal stenosis this Thursday.
  9. Sis Lena, wife of bro Harun Tamale from Indonesia who is being hospitalized because of ascites.
  10. Bro Eddy Ee and family. He is a preacher at Jurong congregation who experienced a mild stroke and recently went through a heart echo test, lung function test and a vascular test of the heart. He underwent a diagnostic imaging of his heart on 27/5/2020. He is scheduled for surgery on 18th June. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
  11. Sis Celine Joshua, who is now into her 14th session of Herceptin treatment (out of a total of 18).
  12. Sis Sue Trice (formerly attended the KL congregation) who underwent hip replacement surgery.
  13. Everyone who is doing their best to cope in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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