Please continue to pray for:

  • Bro Samnas who was admitted to Klang GH on Monday and warded in 8G bed 43.
  • Sis Barbara who had her surgery on Monday, 6 May. Note from bro Caryll Rice, “She is recovering well and only has some pain in the area where the surgery was conducted. Everything sounds very good right now. The initial lymph node test all came back negative, we are awaiting the final results that were sent off to the Mayo Clinic for testing. We should have the final results of the tests that were conducted by the middle of next week. Thank you very much for continuing to pray for her.”
  • Sis Celine’s granddaughter, Edelyn, who has been admitted to the Sunway Medical Centre for herpangina with high CRP (ulcers caused by Coxsackie virus).
  • Mr Samikanu Savagan, a friend of bro Caryll Rice and bro Yew Chong who is recovering form a mild heart attack.
  • Ms Tan Hui Lin, an agent of the bank where bro Ronnie works. She suffered a heart attack while on an incentive tour to Barcelona and Madrid led by bro Ronnie. She had a successful bypass operation on 23 April. Prayers are sought for the speedy recovery and her safe return to Malaysia.
  • Bro Tan Chin Han for his comfort and strength in over- coming his medical challenges.
  • Bro Rajendran’s wife, sis Rajeswari’s whose amputated leg has healed and now awaiting a prosthetic leg.

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