We were studying about how to identify the New Testament church. As we talked about the scriptural organization of the church, we looked at the fact that God wants the shepherds of His flock to be “the husband of one wife” (Titus 1:6). Understanding from that statement that elders must be of the male gender, our female prospect said, “So, women cannot do anything.”

That, my friends, is a false conclusion. There are many, many things that sisters in the Lord can do in the service of our King. The life of me and my wife has been blessed immensely on three different continents by zealous, caring, serving sisters.

Where do we begin? Just as a group of women helped provide for the material needs of Jesus and His apostles (Luke 8:1-3), so there are sisters in the church today who help supply the needs of evangelists and other workers in the church. As individuals, they help finance preaching trips, and they pay for hotel accommodations for visiting preachers and their wives. Though much of this work on their part is done behind the scenes, nevertheless they are doing something that is extremely helpful to the work of the church.

There are a bunch of Christian mothers who spend an enormous amount of time teaching and training their children in the matters of the Lord. They are putting forth a diligent effort to help their kids, like Timothy did, to know the Scriptures from their earliest years of life (2 Timothy 3:15). There is no greater thing that a mother can do!

Barnabas was well-recognized for his ability to encourage/exhort others (Acts 4:36). Many of our sisters in the Lord share that same talent today. They are ready and willing to comfort the grieving, lift up the downhearted, listen to the despondent, and lend a listening ear or shoulder on which to lean. You cannot put a price tag on the value of such person-to-person service.

Many sisters do a great job of teaching and working with children. They often have a tenderness and patient approach which are lacking in men. Week after week and year after year they “teach away.” What a blessing they are to the Kingdom.

Other sisters teach young girls, university-aged women, young married women, or ladies in general. This is a much-needed labor that goes along with what Paul instructed older women to do (Titus 2:3-5).

Some sisters are using modern technology to write articles and produce Bible-related materials. This is a great blessing to the church, as they make their materials available on the internet and on DVD’s or in books.

In the realm of evangelism, there are sisters who are able to conduct one-on-one studies. Others do a wonderful job of arranging studies for someone to teach. Some are going as partners in the private studies to assist the women being taught and the sister who is teaching them. There are sisters that go into jails and prisons to teach God’s word to women who are struggling in their lives. Great numbers of sisters distribute tracts and other Bible-related literature, persuade others to take a Bible correspondence, and help in grading those courses.

Countless times I have seen and heard of sisters taking other members of the church to their medical appointments, to buy groceries, buy medicine, or attend to their other needs. Surely the Lord will not forget their labor of love (Hebrews 6:10).

Many sisters work on a regular basis to assist parent-less kids and widows (James 1:27). Others go frequently to visit the sick and care for those in homes for the elderly. They do not do such in order to have fame or fortune. They do it because they love the Lord and their fellowman. It seems like I recall the Master saying something about assisting those who face struggles in life (Matthew 25:31-46).

Sisters help prepare, print, and fold church bulletins, prepare the Lord’s Supper, help make the church building more attractive and ready for worship, prepare food for others, show hospitality to brethren from other areas who are visiting, use their vehicles to provide transportation to services, and well, the list just goes on and on.

We do not shy away from the biblical truths that a husband is the head of his wife, and not vice versa (Ephesians 5:23), women are not allowed to have dominion over males in spiritual matters (1 Timothy 2:12), and women may not serve as overseers in the church (Titus 1:6). At the same time, there are a great number of helpful activities in which sisters in the Christ can participate with God’s approval. Beloved sisters, we are grateful to God for your faithful efforts. Keep up the good work! Your worth is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10).

Roger D. Campbell

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