Jehovah God is described in these words: “He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, and has stretched out the heavens at His discretion” (Jeremiah 10:12). When He created the universe, God’s power, His wisdom, and His will/discretion were on display.

Skeptics doubt that God exists. Agnostics affirm that no one can know for certain if God exists or not. A third group of unbelievers, atheists, declare that there is no God. As we encounter such unbelief, and as we endeavor to instill within our kids, grandkids, and all Christians the unwavering conviction that God exists, what evidence can we cite which leads to the irrefutable conclusion that God, indeed, does exist?

When you and I see design in something, we know that there must have been an intelligent designer who produced it. We see design in things around us all the time, and we recognize that such design came about by plan, not by accident. When we observe a skyscraper’s walls, floors, doors, windows, lights, and other material matters, what do we conclude? All of those things demonstrate design. And, if there is design, there must have been a thinking designer. The same is true of an automobile, a mobile phone, or a computer . . . they all have evidence of design in them.

How is the matter of design connected with our desire to prove that there is a God? There is widespread design in our universe, and such design points to a Designer, whom the Bible calls “God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth. . .” (Acts 17:24).

Think about three kinds of living beings: fish, birds, and elephants. Fish are programmed to live in water . . . the other two are not. Birds are programmed to fly with wings . . . the other two are not. An elephant drinks with his trunk, but the others do not. Such action is not by accident, nor is it by personal choice. It is by design, which calls for a designer.

The Psalmist declared, “. . . I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Yes, the human body is amazing, and the design within it is abundantly clear. What kind of design? An airliner contains millions of non-flying parts. If you put the parts together, the plane will fly. Would we

conclude that a gazillion plane parts functioning together is by design or accident? The only reasonable conclusion is that it is by design. Now, what about the human body? It contains 11 major organ systems [], 78 organs [], 206 bones in an adult (“Bones store about 99 percent of the calcium in your body and are composed of about 25 percent water”) [], and 30 trillion cells []. How do our bodies know that they need organs, systems, bones, and cells? And, how do the bones know that they are supposed to store so much calcium? Just a lucky chance? An incredible accident? No, it is by design!

Consider the human heart and circulatory system. We cannot function without them, but how does our body even know that it needs them? The heart pumps blood, arteries carry blood away from the heart, and veins bring it back to the heart. Is such an arrangement just an accident? Surely not. Our heartbeats around 100,000 times per day [], pumping about 2,000 gallons (7,570 litres) of blood every day []. Again, how does our heart know to do that? It cannot be by accident, not did it come about by trial and error . . . It is by design! DNA is the genetic “code” that determines the characteristics of a living thing. Your DNA is what makes you, you. “DNA makes up genes, and humans share 99.9% of those genes in common. It’s that .1% that makes each of us unique” []. Who programmed the marvelous DNA/genetic code within each of us? There is no way that it was by accident, choice, or trial and error . . . It is by design!

The human reproductive system proves the existence of a supreme Being. It takes male plus female interaction to produce another human. How did humans know they need reproductive organs? And, how did humans know they needed to be divided into two genders, males and females? Humans did not decide to have such organs . . . they were supplied by the Creator.

Design proves the existence of a designer. Design in the human body gives ample evidence that there must be an intelligent Maker behind it. He does wondrous works, and He alone is God (Psalm 86:10).

— Roger D. Campbell