“The gospel is for all, let us rejoice and praise Him”

By an anonymous contributor

From the editor: Brethren, sometime in mid-December 2013, I received this note from an anonymous person who contributed RM100,000 to the Klang congregation. The note is self-explanatory as appended here below.

Dear Steven,

I read your article “If you have tasted”, I experienced Jesus love.  I trust Him and I know when the darkness comes we can /should go to him as He cares, when God love shines in He turns our darkness to day.

I refer to the attachment which I sent you, you could take this opportunity to share and encourage other brethren, we may learn to trust and obey, just a closer walk by His side, Christ love is all we need each day, let him lead us and tomorrow will be better then.

The gospel is for all, let us rejoice and praise Him.  Hallelujah.

This is the message to be shared with the brethren:-

Thank you Lord for giving me an opportunity to know Thee and added me into your family.  Thank you Lord for loving me, thank you Lord for taking me through the storm in life, thank you Lord for lifting me from the valley, thank you Lord for strengthening me and leading me to the light.  Thank you Lord for continually keeping me safe and good health.  I am thankful not only in word but also down in my heart.

Once I was lost but I prayed earnestly to the Lord for direction, with the encouragement from brethren, love lifted me, this lost sheep found the Shepherd.  I returned and walk closer with Him, there are peace and joy with me now.  When I pray, I know He is with me, I have no doubt that He will continue give me STRENGTH & HOPE to go through the storm if I walk in the light of God and trust in Him.

“The everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth, to every nation, tribe, tongue and people”.  Rev. 14:6

I hope everyone in the world is given an opportunity to hear the Gospel as everyone ought to know who Jesus is.  I sincerely hope and pray for my family members and friends, I hope they will open their heart to accept Christ as our Saviour and enjoy His great love.

I take this opportunity to thank brothers Roger Campbell, Kwan Tai Choom, Richard Lee, Yew Chong, Choon Huat, Peter Chin, Eng Boon and many other brothers for their hard work to preach the word, keep up the good work.  A BIG thanks to sister Chong Foo and her team for their good work too.

I have contributed RM100k to KCOC, RM80k and RM20k for mission fund and Sunday School respectively.  I trust that the leader will make good use of this money in mission works and sister Chong Foo and team could organize more activities for children and teacher training / workshop.


During the planning session we resolve to be an active Bible student and to attend every service (both bible class and worship service) and help fellow brethren to do the same.  I am sure the leader is fully aware poor attendance and member has no initiative or not willing to invite loved one or friend to the church mainly due to bonding, true love and caring among brethren are lacking.  I learnt that there are members not looking forward to attend bible class or Sunday service too.

We could look into this issue and organize more activities to create / provide opportunity for members to come together, to exhort, encourage and admonish each other if we do spend time together.  Why Christians need fellowship?  Member to know each other better with true and sincere love will have a harmonious relation.  I pray that the committed leadership will lead KCOC to be a Growing and God Glorifying Church in the near future.

“Love lifted me” Love can lift you all too, if you will TRUST and OBEY HIM.

Let us join our hand together to let the little Christian light brighten the corner where we are.

God bless all of us.

Editor’s note: We are appreciative of the words of encouragement from the anonymous contributor as well as the gift to the church to fund greater works for the glory of the Lord. May the Lord bless this giver with His continued presence all the days of this life and the promised inheritance reserved in heaven (I Tim 6:17-19; I Pet 1:3-5).