The Partriarchal Age (Part 2) : The Flood

    In Lesson 3, we studied about the first Patriarch, Adam. We also discussed the CREATION, the DISOBEDIENCE of Adam, Eve and Cain.

    The next important person we meet in the book of Genesis is Noah.

    After some time, the people became very wicked to the extent that God was sorry that He had made the world (Genesis 6:6). God planned to destroy the earth by sending a great flood.

    The Bible tells us in Genesis 6:8 that there was a man named Noah who was a good man and he found grace in the eyes of God. God told Noah to build an ark, a big boat, for God planned to destroy the world. Noah preached to the people while he was building the ark. Noah preached for almost a hundred years trying to get the people to turn away from the evil things they were doing and to turn back to God. At the same time he was preaching, he was building the ark. No one would listen to Noah. Finally, God sent rain until it flooded and destroyed everything except for those in the ark.

    It rained for forty days and nights until all the dry land, even the mountains were covered with water. So God purged, or cleaned the world with water. The water covered the earth for 150 days (Genesis 8:3). Noah and his family had to stay in the ark for almost one year until the water dried up.

    We read that Noah did just as God had commanded him in building the ark. He built the ark exactly as God said to do so. God had given him the measurements of the ark and the type of wood to use. Noah followed every detail that God had given him. He also put the exact number of animals in the ark as God had told him to (two of every unclean animal and seven of every clean animal).

    It is very important to notice that Noah did not change anything which God had said to suit himself. He obeyed God “to the letter” and was rewarded with salvation (saving grace) from the flood for himself, his wife, their three sons and their wives. The Bible says, “thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did” (Genesis 6:22).

    Noah is a good example for us today. We are not to change, either to add or to take away from, what God commands.

    As we studied briefly in Lesson 1, we are given commandments to follow in the New Testament and we are to obey these commandments just as Noah did in time past.

    After the flood, an important event happened and this was the building of the tower of Babel.

    The people decided that they want to build a tower so high that they could reach heaven. This did not please God at all, so He confused their speech. He made some of them to speak one language and some to speak
    another, etc. Since they could not speak the same language, the building of the tower was not successful. The people then separated themselves into groups that spoke the same language and moved to different parts of the earth.

    In the next lesson, we will study about a very great Patriarch, Abraham.

    Section I
    Fill in the blanks

    Question 1
    Noah preached to the people and worked on the ark for almost __________ years.

    Question 2
    The water covered the land for __________ days (Genesis 8:3).

    Question 3
    Noah obeyed God “to the __________ “ and was rewarded with __________ from the __________

    Question 4
    Noah took __________ of every clean and __________ of every unclean animal into the ark.

    Question 5
    The people decided to build a tower to try and reach Heaven and God confused their __________.

    Section II

    True Or False

    Question 6
    Noah was a wicked man before the flood

    Question 7
    Noah did not change but just a few things that God told him to do

    Question 8
    There were eight people saved from the flood

    Question 9
    Noah was saved from the flood because he did exactly what God had commanded

    Question 10
    We are to obey every commandment that God has given to us in the New Testament just as Noah did in the Old

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