The Creator of the universe is also the universe’s Sustainer. When it comes to humans, the Lord God gives us life, breath, and all things (Acts 17:29). Every good and perfect gift is from the Father above (James 1:17). If I am a Christian, He wants me to rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in everything (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

There may be times when we feel tempted to focus on the negatives in the world or on what we lack in our lives. However, we need to remember that we are so blessed! In addition to our spiritual and material blessings, God also blesses us through other humans whose kindness, generosity, and helpfulness play a big role in our lives and in making us whom we are.

I ought to be thankful for even the smallest deeds of kindness shown to me by other people. When I think about how other people have been so good to me, I know that my cup is full and running over. A number of things which others have done for me are not earth-shattering. Such deeds do not make the headlines in the national or international news. Yet, they are a blessing to my life and I am grateful. I need to be thankful for the big things and little stuff alike.

Someone (my mom) taught me how to read, count, and understand how to read an old-fashioned (non-digital) clock. I am blessed because of it.

Someone (my dad) taught me how to drive a tractor, truck, and car (in that order). I am thankful.

Teachers took the time to correct my English grammar, correct my miscalculations in Math, and correct my mispronunciation of words in a foreign language. I am grateful.

Coaches helped me improve my ability to throw, catch, hit, and shoot a ball, in the process showing me how to work together with teammates so our team would be better. I continue to be blessed by those coaches from my past who had a gentle disposition, as well as those who rarely cracked a smile.

Employers and fellow employees who trained me in some aspect of our labors and held me accountable for my actions were a positive force in my life. I am thankful.

Biological family members and church members helped us when we were rearing our kids. They played with them, answered their endless questions, fed them, and showed them unconditional love. I appreciate those kind deeds now more than ever before.

Someone taught me the gospel so I could have my sins washed away by the blood of Jesus. They were a special, unforgettable blessing to my life.

After I became a Christian, sister after sister and brother after brother have encouraged me. Some have said things face to face, while others sent touching cards, a simple text, an e-mail, or made a brief call to lift my spirits. I am undeserving, but oh, so thankful.

Christian brethren have graciously forgiven me when I have said or done something which was inappropriate. I am grateful beyond words.

The brothers who were my teachers in preacher training school helped me learn the Scriptures, how to present God’s word, and how to be more humble than I was in the past. What a blessing they were to my life.

Helpful brethren have transported me to and from airports, bus terminals, train stations, and speaking appointments. I am thankful for such assistance.

Elders have listened with patience as I expressed my viewpoint about some matter, often lacking the maturity and vision to see the entire picture of the situation about which I spoke. I am blessed.

People in several states of the Union and a number of foreign countries have taken me and the wife of my youth into their homes and treated us like we were someone special, which we are not. It is Mark 10:30 in real life. How blessed I am.

In three different countries, four medical professionals provided free medical service to me and my family. What an amazing aid that was to us.

Gracious Christians have given me books or purchased books on my behalf. They help me to grow and assist others serve the Lord and get to heaven.

Over and over I have been blessed to have brothers and sisters do things which made my life more comfortable and less stressful. Folks have repaired my vehicles, worked on houses in which I lived, and helped keep my computers and phones working. I have been blessed to have such caring, helpful people in my life.

Prayers have gone up on my behalf from saints who are close at hand and by those who literally are halfway around the world. I am so grateful.

Time and again kind people have assisted my grandchildren in some aspect of their lives. As an aging, white-haired man, I really appreciate such deeds of love.

My cup is full and running over. I pray that I will strive each day to thank the God of heaven for the bounty of His blessings and at the same time learn to do a better job of thanking those people who do things which bless my life. There will come a time when I will not be able to express my gratitude, either because of their departure from this world or mine.

The last two words in Colossians 3:15 need to be a huge part of my approach to life: “be thankful.”

— Roger D. Campbell

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