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Please continue to pray for:

  1. The brethren who are recuperating at the Genesis Care centre:- Sis Lim Bok Peng, the mother of sis So Lee Choo, sis Ang Siew, the mother of Bro Ong Eng Boon & Eng Seong and Bro and sis Cheong.
  2. Bro Nathanael’s father, who is seeking treatment for his shortness of breath.
  3. Sis Khoo Saw Choo, sis Chua Soh Yat, sis Lau Eng Seng, staying at the nursing home operated by sis Saroja.
  4. Isaac, husband of sis Sweetie Boey who is recuperating from operation for 1st stage liver cancer.
  5. Madam Kuah Lee Yin, sis Mei Lian’s mother who is undergoing radio-chemotherapy for nose cancer and kidney dialysis.
  6. The grandmother of Nathanael’s friend, Presheela who is diagnosed with stage 1 rectal cancer, had successfully undergone radiation. She may need to go through reverse surgery.
  7. Bro Naidu who is suffering from Parkinson’s.
  8. Sis Margaret Chong of the Kuantan congregation who is continuing with her treatment for lung cancer.
  9. Bro Eddy Ee, an elder with the Jurong congregation who has completed his chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer and is clear. Both the oncologist and surgeon intend to review him once every 3 and 6 months respectively for 10 years. Thereafter the reviews will be on a yearly basis. Prayers are sought for him to build up his health and stamina to pre-treatment level.
  10. Sis Celine Joshua, for her full recovery after having completed her treatment for cancer.
  11. Our visitor, Alisha Singh.
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