Who is afraid of science? Not Christians. We know that the Bible harmonizes with true science, so we have no reason to be intimidated by science or scientists. “But some scientists believe in the theory of evolution. Does that not bother you?” It bothers me in the sense that I feel badly for them personally, but it does not bother me in the sense that their acceptance of a false idea does not unsettle my faith.

      What does “evolution” mean? The verb “evolve” means to change or develop (cars and phones, for example, have evolved). When most people speak of “evolution,” though, they have reference to what is termed the General Theory of Organic Evolution. That is the teaching that billions of years ago, lifeless matter was acted upon by natural forces and gave origin to one or more minute, living organisms, which in turn gradually developed into or produced all living and extinct plants and animals, including humans (I have had this definition for decades, but do not know its original source).

      “Micro-evolution” means that limited changes/ adaptations take place within a species. For instance, over the centuries, there are changes that have taken place in dogs, yet dogs still remain dogs.

      On the other hand, the term “macro-evolution” is the thought that a living thing can, under special circumstances, add new traits so that it becomes a new type of living thing. This would be like saying that a fish becomes a bird. Such a suggestion is in conflict with the Law of Biogenesis, which states that living things come only from living things of the same kind. The Bible’s message that a living thing produces “according to its kind” (Genesis 1:11,12,21,25) harmonizes with that truth.

      While many people may have bought into the falsehood that evolution supplies an answer for everything, in reality, evolution and its proponents have no adequate answer for the following questions:

  • From where did the world and its initial elements come?
  • From where did life come?
  • The blood of humans is distinct from the blood of birds, beasts, and fish (1 Corinthians 15:39). Why is that so, if we supposedly came from them?
  • Why do humans have a concept of morality/ right and wrong, but the beasts of the field do not? Why is it wrong to steal from a person, even if he will not “miss” the money or be hindered without it? Why is it okay to kill an annoying mosquito, but wrong to kill an annoying child whose ball frequently lands in my yard and destroys my plants? Evolutionists, whose jargon is “survival of the fittest,” cannot answer such inquiries logically because they have no objective standard of morality.
  • Why are there males and females in every species with distinct reproductive organs? There is no way that evolution can account for such!

     “But a person who lives in the jungle will act like the jungle animals.” Maybe so, but he still will be a human. If a man and woman give birth to children in the jungle, they still will be humans. Their environment will not change them into something else, nor will they change themselves into some other life form. If a male and a female human live in a place where the closest other human is 10,000 kilometers (6,250 miles) away, if they produce offspring, their offspring still will be humans . . . and it will be like that for every generation as long as the planet earth stands!

     “But are there not some Christians who accept both Evolution and the Bible?” There is a theory called “Theistic (from “theos,” the Greek word for God) Evolution” – its supporters believe that God used evolutionary methods to bring all living things into existence. It is a horribly flawed notion. Why?

     There is a boatload of questions to which Evolution (or its supporters) and the Bible give conflicting answers, such as: (1) Did God create all things in six days? E – No; Bible – Yes (Exodus 20:11); (2) Did physical matter exist before life did? E – Yes; Bible – No (Psalm 90:1,2); (3) Did fish and birds come into existence on the same day? E – No; Bible – Yes (Genesis 1:20-23); (4) Did God create Adam as the first human? E – No; Bible – Yes (Genesis 2:7) (5) Are humans made in the image of God? E – No; Bible – Yes (Genesis 1:26,27); (6) Is man merely an animal without an eternal soul? E – Yes; Bible – No (Matthew 10:28).

      There is abundant evidence to prove that the Bible is the word of God, so every Christian should believe it. It also is clear that Evolution contradicts God’s word, which is His truth (John 17:17). Thus, no one can accept both Evolution and the Bible.

— Roger D. Campbell

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