Until We Meet Again

Especially For Youths
by Joshua Chong
29 November 2009

I know not why the birds fled so swiftly—
Just a while ago their song was still flowing,
I know not why the breeze left so quickly—
Just a while ago it was gently blowing,
As here for an answer I long,
For some reason I hope to comprehend,
Why like the zephyr and sweet birdsong,
You left us so soon, I wish to apprehend.

The explanation to this tragedy,
I search for, pray for and seek,
Yet I find neither reason nor remedy,
In grief, my soul is broken and weak.

I go to rest not looking to tomorrow,
Words fail me and darkness clouds my view,
My heart is heavy from all this sorrow,
It pains me that your years were so few.
It is beyond me to know or measure,
The whys and wherefores of God above,
But I trust that you are now His treasure,
And living in the light of His great love.

I pray He gives me strength for my way,
And keeps me safe through this life,
For I know I shall see you again one day,
On that morn when I leave this earth’s strife.

The tune I recall though the birds no longer sing,
The calmness remains though the wind has gone,
Just as your smile and joy in my heart I will bring,
Until we meet again upon that bright new dawn.