September 2010

In a recent article we emphasized the need for Christian fathers to care about their children. This time around, we are considering the need for Christian mothers to show that they really care, too. A number of things that are true about the responsibilities of Christian fathers are equally true for Christian mothers as well.

We need Christian mothers that care enough about their kids to be the best possible role model that they can be for them. Many people who are faithful members of the church today will quickly point out that their mother, more than anyone else, set the example of Christianity that influenced them the most. Ahaziah, king of Judah, was wicked because “his mother [Athaliah, rdc] counseled him to do wickedly” (2 Chronicles 22:3). On the other hand, we read of a brother in the Christ by the name of Timothy who was a strong servant of the Lord. From what spiritual background did he come? From a mother and grandmother who possessed genuine faith (2 Timothy 1:5). Young Christian mothers need to be discreet, chaste, and good. The Bible says so (Titus 2:4,5). Moms, you are setting an example for your children to imitate. What are they seeing in you? You only have them in your home for a limited period of time, so make sure that you devote yourself to being the right kind of model for them to imitate at every step of their development. There are no second chances!

We need Christian mothers that care enough about their kids to make the commitment to be the strongest female influence in their lives. Not long ago I was listening to a program on a local Mandarin-language radio station. A guest on the show was discussing the different aspects of a school environment to which kids must adjust. In the midst of his comments, he observed that if a child goes to some type of “school,” then between the ages of two and six, the child’s greatest influence in his life is not his mother, but rather his teacher(s). That reality should not shock us. After all, in a pre-school, kindergarten, or primary school arrangement, a child spends much more time with his teacher(s) than he does with any of his family members, including his mother.

Christian moms, when your kids are still young, they need you in their lives more than any other woman. Your most important role in life is the one that you play in the home! That means that Christian mothers must put their role in the home as mother and wife above any other pursuits or interests that they might have. When God said that young women need to be taught to be “homemakers” (Titus 2:4,5), was He serious? If not, why did He say it?

We need sisters in the Lord that really love their children. That same passage in Titus plainly says that women need “to love their children” (Titus 2:4,5). We sometimes hear horrifying accounts of mothers throwing their babies into a trash dumpster or beating them so severely that they suffer serious injury or even death. In contrast to that, Christian mothers should cherish the joy that their kids bring to them (1 Thessalonians 2:7).

We need Christian mothers that care enough to support their husband’s role as head of the family. God has determined that headship in the home is to be the role played by the husband/ father (Ephesians 5:22-24). Christian mothers that want to please God accept and relish their own role, and show their kids what it means to submit to God and His arrangement of authority.

Christian moms, you should care enough to know what your children are doing. Who are their close friends? What music do they listen to? What movies do they go see? What internet sites do they visit regularly? For a virtuous woman, a portion of her watching over the affairs of her household (Proverbs 31:10,27) is to pay close attention to her children’s behavior. Do not be passive. Be actively involved in their lives. Set guidelines, and do not be afraid to enforce them – for the ultimate good of your kids!

Christian mothers that care show their children how to act like children of light and not like children of darkness. That would include training them how to dress modestly (Genesis 3:21; 1 Timothy 2:9), having strict guidelines for behavior with those of the opposite gender (1 Timothy 5:2), and keeping their speech both pure and kind (Ephesians 4:29,31,32).

Would we not also conclude that Christian moms who really care work with their husbands in teaching their kids the word of God? When a Christian mother’s husband is not a member of the church, she may have to do all of the spiritual instruction. Such a scenario will be a challenge, but do not lose heart, dear sisters. Other Christian mothers have faced the same circumstances and done a wonderful job. You can do the same.

Christian mothers, you have the potential to be a great force for good in society, in the home, and in the church. Please care enough about your own soul and your kids’ to take your role seriously.

    — Roger D. Campbell

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