by Low Poh Sim
18 October 2009

Sometimes we hear parents complaining about their children who take their love for granted.  Naturally, most parents would love their children and would just do anything to protect them from any harms, dangers or even hunger.  Some parents would even do the unthinkable whether morally right or wrong just to see them making through life with a decent job.  Children of today’s society in Malaysia, have the habit of  leaving their ‘burdens’ to their parents for instance, parking their children in their care when they go for holidays, attending functions, working late, etc., a convenient place to dine with the food already spread on the table without having to lift a finger and the list goes on.  Parents may not be too happy with this kind of arrangement but the beauty of it all is that they still oblige maybe with a grudging smile.  It’s so difficult to utter ‘no’ to your children.

Recently, I watched a movie which depicts a father’s love for her daughter to the extent that he was willing to bear the crime that she had committed.  The father spent 18 months in jail to take her place.  He could not bear seeing his daughter’s career as a successful doctor ruined.  All his hard work as a peddler to make ends meet and to see that she shines one day would suddenly diminish was something he could not face with.  It was too harsh for him to face reality.  Ultimately, he gave himself in to the authorities to save his daughter, bearing her shame in silence.  He paid the debt on her behalf.  However, I was glad that the story ends on a positive note.  The daughter was remorseful and made a clean breast of the matter.  The authorities decided to free her upon seeing the distraught father who had already paid the penalty.  They had compassion on him.

Don’t you think it’s the same with God’s love for His created beings?  In fact, God’s love and compassion for mankind is even far greater, immeasurable and wider than the ocean.  He only pleads with us to do right in His sight.  When we were yet sinners, Jesus died for the ungodly (Rom 5:8).  Today, He only asks us to obey Him, follow Him and to do His will like what our Lord did (John 6:38- 40) having compassion for the lost ones.  Knowing the right thing to do and doing it not, is a sin (James 4:17).  Remember procrastination is the thief of time and it’s no laughing matter when Jesus comes like a thief in the night and it’s too late. (1 Thess 5:2)

Therefore, who will serve in His Kingdom?  The ladies will be meeting on 25th Oct (Sun) after worship to nominate the new committee for the Ladies Ministry Year 2010.  Is it going to be the same few ladies doing the job again or have you decided to sow the seed of His Kingdom today?   Let’s not take God’s love, mercy and grace for granted, act today lest we are denied entry into Heaven when He declares “I never knew you; Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.”  (Matt 7:23)